Gloucester Quays Antiques Centre

We have had confirmation today that the antiques centre has closed because the owners of the site have not been able to sustain it as an economically viable business. The site is set for redevelopment in any case and planning constraints for the planned alternative location have ruled that out on cost grounds.

Our retail operation at the site has been closed as a result and we will review options for an alternative in the coming weeks. Whilst we had no notice of the closure we had been considering the possibility of not being able to be part of any move as part of our routine risk management and so we do have some alternatives that we can consider.

For those customers that have supported us at Gloucester we will be keeping our on-line stores open and we will be attending more events through 2016 to be able to meet people and offer our wares. Please visit, or subscribe to, the MotorsportMania blog.

We would like to thank the team at Gloucester Quays for their support and wish them well for the future.


A maiden visit to Eire

We will have one of the team in Dublin this week as we start our first contract in Eire.

Over the time that we have been in business we have worked in Ulster many times, but this contract, for one of the Irish Government departments, represents our first time in the Republic of Ireland and we hope that it will be the first of many visits.

Project Management

We are currently managing the refurbishment of some residential accommodation in Wiltshire.

Project management is one of the many services that our team can offer. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Strategic finance training – contract award

We are pleased to announce that we are working with the Oxford academic community again to deliver a strategic financial planning workshop. Read more of this post

Far East Contracts Concluded

We have concluded the three contracts that we had in China and Thailand. These covered helping supply chain management teams consider total cost of ownership strategies, facilities management and internal customer relationships.

This is our second year of working in the Far East.

IMG_0440 Photo 1 BKK DICR Class

More contract awards; UK, China and Thailand

We have been signed up to deliver two UK based projects plus one in each of China and Thailand. Read more of this post

fifteen years of making things happen

Last week we celebrated fifteen years in business, or at least we would have celebrated if we had not been so busy. Read more of this post

The missing months

Gosh is it last September since I last posted something here?

There has been a lot happening, not least that we begun to make a few strategic changes to our overall business plan.

We have been involved in a few projects lately that have run aground due to the dramatic fall in oil prices. Having begun to deal with oil and gas exploration companies and had some success in that field, but the industry has been hard hit and the projects that were being put together are now on hold pending some sign of recovery in the industry. These are the realities of the business world.

Professional development is a consistent feature of what we do and we are now entering our third year of supporting one client in that sector.

We have other potential overseas projects being discussed at the moment, but our big news is that next month we will be celebrating fifteen years in business. Quite how we will mark that occasion we haven’t decided yet, but we ought to at least raise a glass.

Global Projects

China – Following our successful venture in Tianjin  last April we are in discussions with our client to return for one or two further projects there in 2015.

Libya – Plans for a follow up to the project we ran in Tripoli last March are currently on hold due to the security situation in Libya, but we are committed to return as soon as we are able to do so.

Recent Projects

In July and August this year we completed two short projects for clients in the private healthcare and local government sectors.