10 Things to Do With Business Cards

Ten things to do with your with business cards

1                     Make sure that they have the right information. The minimum is name, phone number, email address and what you do. How much more you put on is up to you, but don’t overcrowd your card so much that the important things get made too small or lost in the crowd.

2                     Your card should be memorable for the right reasons. That might be through a slogan or motto, or maybe a logo or photo, but try and have something that will make your card stand out. Be wary of non standard shapes and sizes though; people often use storage methods that a non standard card won’t fit in to.

3                     Always have cards with you whatever the circumstances. You never know when an opportunity to give one away will come. I keep them in the car, all of my jackets, my briefcase, my travel wallet and carry on bag, golf bag and always have a pile by the hook where my car and house keys hang as a reminder.

4                     If any of these start to get tatty, the ones in my wallet usually wear badly for example, then throw them away. Don’t give out cards that can give the wrong image. And never cross out details and write in new ones; if your phone number or any other information on the card changes then get some new ones and put the old ones in the recycle bin.

5                     Give and receive cards at every opportunity. Always ask for a card in return if giving away one of yours, and don’t just put someone’s card into your pocket. Read it carefully and hold it in your hand while you talk to them or, if you’re sat at the table, then put the card face up on the table. Good etiquette is important.

6                     Don’t be shy about asking your new contact for a referral and always be ready to give away extra cards if they offer to pass on your details. Yes, you’re taking people on trust, but they are more likely to pass on your cards whereas they may forget to refer you if they don’t have the spares.

7                     When you get back do remember to update your contact list with the person’s details. Most contact software allows you to add extra detail, like where you met the person or if you have a mutual contact, so put all that down along with the date that you met them on. It all helps later on when you want to recall people.

8                     Check out your new contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter or any other sites that you network on and try to hook up with them there. I usually try to mention these when I’m swapping cards and invite them to look me up too. One way or another you can build your network.

9                     Follow up on contacts. Don’t be shy about sending a contact some information about what you are doing or some work that you have done that they, or one of their contacts, might be interested in. If you got on really well with someone, just call them and say how much you enjoyed meeting them.

10                 When you write to someone, put a business card in with the letter. We are all more likely to file away contact details from a business card, or at least kept the card in our file, than we would take the details off a letter. Every card that you pass out creates a chance that you’ll get a call back at some point.


About thatconsultantbloke
Based in North Wiltshire UK I try to have fun whilst making things happen. I spent almost 40 years climbing the corporate ladder before getting bored with being too far from the action. Now I use my experiences of that time, the good and the bad, to keep the bills paid and have fun helping clients turn strategy into positive results.

One Response to 10 Things to Do With Business Cards

  1. Roland says:

    Very good tips John. I have applied these over the years and they certainly do work. Thanks for these.

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